Made in Australia
    We participate with our local industry by making every garment in Perth, Australia.

    Orders are packaged in simple, compostable and recyclable materials.

    Made to Order

    Making to order is a sustainable practice which enables us to use specialized materials and avoid overproduction.

    Allow 1 - 2 weeks for your order to be cut, sewn, pressed and packaged for you at our Perth Workroom. In December, please allow 2 - 3 weeks.

    If you are needing something sooner, we may be able to accomodate - please get in touch

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    Deadstock fabric is the material left over from the production of collections by us or other brands. The practice of using deadstock prevents fabric from ending up in landfill or being burnt.

    We purchase small quantities of deadstock fabric, keeping each item unique being made in small batches.

    During the cutting process, there is also some fabric that is cut away and saved. Every few months we assess what is leftover from this process the saved pieces of fabric and decide what we can produce with them.

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    We only use premium, sustainable and cruelty-free ZQ Certified Merino made in New Zealand.

    Select New Zealand Merino farmers live by the ZQ Certified Program and are routinely audited by a 3rd party to ensure high standards. Most of the worlds ZQ Merino comes from New Zealand, where Merino sheep thrive on pastures 'free range' in the mountainous conditions of South Island. Healthy Merino sheep naturally produce the best quality fibre, the ZQ Program requires growers to look after animals with five basic freedoms

    • Free from thirst
    • Free to live naturally
    • Free from discomfort
    • Free from distress
    • Free from disease

    Hemp is a 'bast' fibre like its cousin, flax. It grows quickly and is resistant to insects. It requires little water to grow. Hemp has a deep root system, helping to reduce soil loss and erosion. For hemp production, herbicides aren't needed. It also reduces insects, so no pesticides are needed. Cotton uses around four times as much water as hemp processing. The fibre is naturally UV resistent and is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-mold qualities.

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    The recycled fabric we use is upcycled, chemical-free, circular and entirely natural.

    Recycling natural fabrics without chemicals begins with sorting post-industrial waste from local garment factories, grounding these scraps back into fiber, to then spin these once again into new yarns to weave and upcycle new fabrics that can eventually return to the earth.

    "Everything you make returns to Earth as either food or poison" Slow Factory Foundation

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