Ebony Taliancich

Ebony has shaped the feeling of this brand through her gentle gaze. I always love the way that she sees the world with her camera. When we work together, she always knows how to visually represent the feeling I can't describe. My dream collaborator, it's a pleasure to welcome her to this series. Ebony is currently based in Europe with her son Vivian and husband James. She shares her reflection while it's late summer, with a collection of her favourite imagery from the season.



If you’re feeling uninspired, how do you transform your energy?

Usually by moving my body in some way and listening to some music or a podcast that gets thoughts and ideas flowing. Failing that, if I can manage to get the house to myself to prepare a meal while I listen to something, that usually helps me find my groove.



What rituals do you have in place to take care of yourself?

I have a 15 month old, so you could say that my self-care is very minimal (lol). Going for a walk, whether it be on my own, with Vivian (my son), or with a friend, really helps refresh my mind. Or popping on a facemask after dinner is a real treat.



Who has been an expansive influence to your career so far?

My husband, James, is totally it. He can shake me when I am in a rut and be an unwavering support when I’m a bit lost. He always just seems to know what it is I need, often before I even realise it myself. He is constantly inspiring me to be a better person, sibling, parent, and stranger. I envy the expansiveness of his thinking.



How do you successfully get out the door on time?

Another thing I have historically not been so good at. Funnily enough I find that I am much more punctual now that I have a baby. It’s so boring, but being organised the night before means that we can enjoy our morning flow, and whatever hiccups that happen along the way, without losing my head.



How do you manage boundaries with your phone or computer?

I’m trying to be better - but intentionally leaving my phone at home when I go for a walk or in another room when I get some rare downtime when Vivian is sleeping is the best strategy. And getting a clock or watch so that I don’t need to touch my phone every time is also surprisingly effective.


How do you overcome feeling anxious, uncertain, or nervous?

Usually I have a little cry, eat a bowl of cereal, and knit on the sofa. I’m not sure which one helps the most, but it seems to work.



What are your rituals for sparking creativity?

Research, conversation, and spending time with certain people. I feel like I am constantly asking people for suggestions, recommendations, and opinions - and then my brain sort of collages the bits that I like from that to make into my own thing.


What are you working towards?

Creating my own quiet.




Ebony is a photographer currently living in England. 


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