What we wear reflects who we are and who we strive to be.

    Rather than following the systematic seasonal fashion model, we favour releasing new items when it makes sense to us, our environment and our customers.

    Fashion cannot be sustainable, however we pride ourselves on taking an active role towards solutions that aren’t greenwashing our customers. For now, we are committed to slowing things down on purpose and making only to meet demand which is why you’ll find items listed as Made to Order or Available Now.

    There are a handful of people in our skilled local industry, so we participate by making every garment in Perth because it makes sense to work locally. 

    We place integrity above trends and make clothing of sincere quality that will last. We work exclusively with fabrics that are deadstock or are ecologically accredited from premium suppliers who don’t have wholesale minimums (even though it is more expensive).

    Shannon Malone is run with the support of close creative minds. Special thanks to Stephanie, Sheridan, Ebony, Emma, Maile, Georgia, Shupiwe, Alex, Hunter, Jodie, Jess and everyone else we have had the pleasure to work with.