Maile Shanti

Maile has become a dear friend and peer of mine since meeting in Perth 10 years ago, through a series of events involving both of our early creative projects. Recently discovering that we are both Manifesting Generators, the consistent magnetism between us makes perfect sense. Maile devotes her practice to community support through her role as Yoga Teacher with retreats she designs with her friend Daisy at Becoming Home, as well as through contribution at two important platforms 20Talk and Rise Movement. I hope you enjoy this reflective interview with Maile.


If you’re feeling uninspired, how do you transform your energy?

Oof, great question. Over the past year I have been learning to understand my moon cycle and learning to trust my body's amazing ability to flow through seasons every month. What I have discovered is that in bouts where I am feeling uninspired, it’s time for nesting, resting, gardening and reading. I turn to the outside world and try to be as patient as possible. I used to really freak out when I was feeling off, now I know to trust the process. Because when inspiration comes it feels so right. I think it's a journey of understanding my human design as well and leaning into that!



What rituals do you have in place to take care of yourself? 

Daily breathwork is non-negotiable to me and I have only missed two days in nearly a year which has been a huge achievement for me! Some Days it’s 5 minutes and some days its 30, but I make sure to keep the consistency of a hot lemon water first thing in the morning and sit down to pay some love and attention to my breath. Anything else that I do after that is just a bonus. I find that if I stick to one thing, it’s like a constant in my life that is super comforting. 


Who has been an expansive influence to your career so far?

Gemma Mahoney, an amazing designer who I have worked closely with for nearly 10 years! She does the design for any project I have in mind and I recently had the opportunity of helping her with her upcoming project. Our relationship is very special. She also works so hard and is so driven - it’s definitely been a huge influence for me to see someone create a life and work for themselves all on their own. 


How do you successfully get out the door on time?

This is my biggest downfall! I am late for everything, still working this one out. 

How do you manage boundaries with your phone or computer? 

I set timers on instagram and try to stick to it as much as i can, which is difficult when working in marketing. Lately I have been putting up boundaries about being more intentional with screen time, almost treating myself like a child! And if I am watching something, knitting whilst I am doing that. I got into knitting last year when I had covid and am obsessed. 



How do you overcome feeling anxious, uncertain, or nervous?

I am a very anxious person and am still (forever) searching and using tools that anchor me in my body. The biggest one has been a lesson from Tara Brach of ‘befriending the anxiety’, so learning the voice of my anxiety, greeting it, thanking it for being there to look after me. Recognising that there is nothing wrong with feeling anxious. I think my biggest issues with it have been wanting it to go away - so it’s been a huge lesson in just acknowledging ‘hey thanks for looking out for me - but I got this and I know I am going to be ok’. 


What are your rituals for sparking creativity?

Reading! Instagram, podcasts, documentaries and the ocean. Also I am a gemini so community! Being around people, bounding ideas back and forth. I work at the perth contemporary art gallery and just being around art and interesting conversations on a day to day basis drives new ideas.


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